Why Transgender dating is not everyone’s cup of tea?

Dating a transsexual woman is every man’s personal fantasies and every man want to date a transsexual woman once in his life. But transsexual dating is not everyone’s cup of tea and you have to accept this. Dating a transsexual woman needs some extra effort and confidence in you as compare to other regular dating methods. You have to accept and understand what exactly a transsexual dating is and how transsexual women are different from other cis women. There are many things that let you know about the mentality of men towards transsexual dating and transsexual women. That’s why I said, ts dating is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is all about the misconceptions that they make about transsexual dating and transsexual women. Here are few misconceptions about transgender dating and transsexual women. Have a look and find out which misconception belongs to you.

1. Dating a trans woman will make you gay

One of the major misconceptions that lie in air for long is, there are men out there that think if they date a transgender women, people around them or their relative will consider them as a gay or they are known as gay in society. This is not at all correct and dating a transsexual woman will never make you gay or no one will call you gay. Before making and conception or misconception, let’s talk about transsexual women and their sexual choices. Transsexual women like only straight guys that behave like a true men and not any gay.
So, it’s basically a sexual choice and there is nothing that anyone can do or take control from you. It’s your choice and you have to make decisions based on your likes or dislike. What exactly you like and what are your sexual requirements. Making any decision based on their gender identity isn’t enough. Being a transsexual or a cis is someone’s personal choice and you have to deal with it.

2. Asking for money and in return

Transsexual women will ask for money and favors in return are another major misconception that men think. Few men think that a transsexual woman will only ask for money and some expensive gifts right after your date and if you don’t do that, they start blackmailing you. Let me tell you that not every transsexual woman is after your money and expensive gifts. They want a true love and self respect from their dating partner and nothing else, especially when they are on a date with you. There are websites that offer paid sex and other things too.
If you don’t give them a true love and the respect that they deserve, than surely dating a transsexual woman isn’t your cup of tea.

3. Transsexual women are not family person

Another misconception that men believe is – transsexual women are not family person. You can’t introduce your transsexual friend to your family, friends or relative. If you have a similar thinking that a transsexual women are not well cultured or a family person than definitely dating a transsexual woman isn’t your cup of tea.