Why are transgender women also women?

The purpose of this article is that help to clarify who transgender and transgender women are. At present, more and more trans women claim to be they are real women. Besides, there is a tendency that the concept of trans is being removed from the women who were assigned males at birth. However, there is still a lot of people that doubt those claims even strongly dispute it. To clarify the facts better, let us see what the transgender does mean on earth.

Sex assignment or gender identity

In most cases, we are used to believe the gender given us at birth according to considering the appearance of external genitalia. And we are used to believe private sense of own gender must absolutely coincide i.e. the gender identity. In fact, this happens to the most person. Unfortunately, some people experience gender dysphoria which means they think their physical appearance is not unified with their gender identity.

Although there are so many credible gender identity studies prove this phenomenon is real, this is still not accepted by many people. Actually, it’s a misunderstanding that commonly believed gender identity is present in genitals. For instance, some convincing researches confirming that gender identity is present in the brain instead of in genitals. Other studies show that gender identity may according to the amount of testosterone entering the fetus during a woman’s pregnancy.

Another theory that can be proved in the gender researches says that gender identity won’t change from birth. That is to say, someone will hold on this decision of gender on their mind even though their self-identity is different from the sex by birth.

Long process of transition

For most of the trans people, transition is a long process that may spend a lifelong time. They always stick to the idea with no arguments or circumstances. Furthermore, many trans women may tell you that they always know about their difference from the early age.

These studies and facts prove that the gender dysphoria is just an inborn trait instead of being caused by the confusion of one’s perception or the social influence. In other words, someone cannot change thoughts easily after determined it, just like a child learns to speak then it won’t be stop.

As a matter of fact, there are some religions and cultures admit the presence of other gender except for men and women. Thailand is a typical example of such phenomenon and displays an outstanding social tolerance to trans people.

As far as I’m concerned, everyone has own choice and decision. Transgender women are real women because they live as women and hope to be treated as women. They were just assigned by men at birth just like we all can’t choose our birth. They summoned the courage to face up to their gender so that deserve our respect.