Six Proven Reason Why Men Crossdress

Crossdressing is the act of dressing like the opposite sex. Normally used for different purposes like disguise, comfort, crossdressing has evolved as a part of self discovery and even sexualising in modern times. Over the time, people have become more liberal in their approach. They put self satisfaction to priority and do not hesitate in doing what they like. People are more opinionated and freely express their choices. There was a time when fear of society would put a person to a back step and force him to suppress his choices.

A modern liberated person is open to choose. Be it relationships, it builds a sense of trust and contentment. Common stereotypes of what constitutes manood or what is feminine are being broken. Crossdressing is one such answer to stereotypes. Crossdressing men may like to dress like a girl given their choice and they should not be judged by the society as a guy lacking masculinity or such meaningless stuff. Crossdressing is also a fetish. A lot of women love to date a crossdresser. Crossdressing is normally associated with transgender or lgbt dating. However, straight or bisexual men may also like to crossdress. Crossdressing could be liked by person of any sexual orientation including women. However in sexual context, the tendency to crossdress is more in men than any woman, be it themselves or forced by their girlfriend. Here are a couple of reasons why men crossdress:

For some it is part of a profession
Crossdressing is common in recent professions. Dominantly in theater and film business, crossdressing men are center of attraction particularly in comic genre films or show. Crossdresser dance performances are also common worldwide. Popular artists Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel brought the idea of female impersonation in the English music halls.

Crossdressing is also used for disguise
Crossdressing is one of the most common forms of disguise. Normally while spying or undercover operations expert agents could get themselves into crossdressing disguise comfortably leaving no sign of suspect to anyone.

Probably because their partner/wives love it
A lot of guys crossdress not because they like but because their partners/ wives love it. Sounds weird but a lot of women have a thing for crossdresser hookup and they want their men to get into that attire. Sounds silly but fetishes do not have a reason.

Bisexual traits and feminist side
Men may have suppressed bisexual traits among themselves. At times when it becomes hard to suppress they may open up in getting attraction towards their feminist side. They might want to explore the feminine hood among themselves.

Simply for the sake of breaking monotonous way of life
For healthy sexual relationship and breaking out of boredom, men may want to crossdress. Crossdressing is a common fetish and a way of spicing up sexual relationship. Crossdressing is also common in trans dating.

Simply because its their choice
Crossdressing, as said earlier cannot be associated with a single sex or person. It is totally a man’s choice to crossdress, irrespective of the fact he is straight, bisexual or homosexual.