How to change from a friend to a lover with a transgender woman?

Sometimes pretending we don’t know anything and asking simple, straightforward questions is a good thing. Like this question, are transsexual relationships more subtle than other relationships? On the face of it, the answer should be no, or at least the inverse. How transgender people survived marginalization and alienation is unknown to the cis people. And cis people don’t know how transgendered people expand and empower their identity among the cis population.

Another painful and cruel reality is that transgender people need more energy to survive an extra day, and the fact is that many of them die before they are 35. It’s not easy to be a great person, but they do it every time either by switching sex or by simply being there.

So is it harder for transgender people to go from friend to lover? Not based on subjective judgment and broad conviction, but from some transgender individuals’ personal experiences. When it comes to transgender people facing reality, being able to speak from first-hand experience means different perspectives. I think it’s a deep field of human experience to express it from a personal perspective or from a self-collected perspective.

In fact, some people are unconsciously attracted to trans women. Because transgender women have some charm that women don’t have, they value their femininity more than any cis woman.

I have a transgender friend Mary and I think she’s adorable. I also have a female cis friend who is also a lovely woman. We’ll call her Lisa here. Lisa entered Mary’s life after her surgery and watched her changed. I’ve had deep conversations with a lot of people about how to deal with people who don’t accept that they’re dealing with indecent behavior. Lisa said they always have something in common. They are smart and cute. Their relationship grew closer and we crossed a barrier They had never crossed.

They have friends in common, and they communicate at work, which keeps they remain friends. But some emotions are uncontrollable. Lisa said that their relationship has become more subtle in recent times and she would like to kiss Mary more often. But how hard is it to turn a transgender friend into a lover? Some trans women say they don’t think it’s easy to get along with cis women. Sometimes they screw things up, and I think that’s due to the misinterpretation of monogamy.

As a matter of fact, most trans women are reluctant to have romantic relationships with women. As a cis woman, if you want to date a transgender woman, you should first be aware of her sexuality. Gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things. Don’t simply assume that transgender women will accept ts dating a woman.