Amanda Lepore, an American transgender woman

Amanda Lepore is an American transgender woman with several identities, such as model, celebutante, singer, and artist. As a club kid, she has appeared in several companies’ advertisiment. As a transgender woman, Lepore is the regular subject in David LaChapelle’s work (David LaChapelle is a famous photographer). She also appears in other photographers’ work, such as Terry Richardson and Ruben van Schalm, they are both famous photographers in the world. As a singer, she released her album, I…Amanda Lepore in 2011. Transgender dating is a wonderful experience if you haven’t try. There are more and more men looking for trans date on the ts dating apps.

She was born in 1967. Her family is the same as most of families, she has an elder brother, her father was a chemical engineer and her mother was a housewife. But unfortunately, her mother had schizophrenia and most of her life was spent in mental institutions. “I knew that I should be a girl when I was at a very young age, I couldn’t understand why I need to wear boys’ clothes and act as a boy, and I even couldn’t understand why my parents dresse me up as a boy.” she recalls. She has the sence of gender identity at a very young age. When she was about 15, she started to make costumes for her transgender friends. She was totally different from her peers, and that couldn’t be understood by most people at that time. Her parents realized her difference from other people, so they hired a tutor to teach her at home instead of attending classes at public school. Thanks to the support of her parents, she started her transition process at a very young age. Her parents even asked psychologists for help and she started to hormone therapy at that time.

When she was 17, Lepore married bookstore owner. She was permitted to take transition surgery at the age of 19. Later, she left her husband and relocated to new York to prepare for her surgery. Due to the influence of fashion trend in the early 1990s, she tried to make herself a nightlife figure, a member of club kids. In order to make a living, she used to work at nail salon, and worked as salesgirl later. Her life changed when she met photographer David LaChapelle at Bowery Bar. She stared to collaborate with him from that time. As a transgender model, Amanda Lepore has appeared in many fashion magzines, such as French Playboy, Ponytail, and DAMn. She made great success in her model career. On April 18, 2017, she released her first book Doll Parts, which was co-written with author Thomas Flannery Jr. There are also many pictures of Amanda taken by famous photographers in the text.
As one of the most influential transgender woman, her accomplishments are too many to list out here. I’m writing here just want to inspire all transgender people to try their best to live a better life and achieve their life goals. Life for transgender people is harder than ordinary people, but it can never be the barrier and excuse to stop your step and struggle for your better life.